Where barley sways

Friday, May 29, 2020

I feel an immediate need to declare that this was a public footpath and no crops were harmed during the course of photography. I'm not the kind of person to roam where it's not permitted and it makes my blood boil when others do - it's so disrespectful. 
It was during a long wander on Monday in the hot, hot head that we had to cross this field as part of our route and it felt so dreamy and beautiful that I did have to ask to stop for a few pictures. It felt perfect! 
For me, I'd rather have it a bit too hot than a bit too cold any day. The beating sun and a gentle breeze make for one very happy Sophie.
One mid length summer dress, with enough fabric to swish and swirl yet heavy enough not to misbehave in the breeze. Always ankle boots.

Here's to another fabulous weekend. Stay safe, stay away from crowds and make the most of your time.
Take care,

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