The turning point

Saturday, May 16, 2020

The weekend once more! Spring has faltered in it's progress with these cold, cold nights but we should now be all in the clear. No doubt this harvest time we'll see if full where the casualties lay. For us it's the fruit trees who upon brief inspection look scant. Potatoes and beans have been wiped out on other allotment plots as well as a few summer flowers.
However, we're at the turning point whereby we can, with confidence, say things are on the up.
Don't you love finding a hole in a hedge to peer through.
I think the above is common dogwood, I see it in so many hedgerows but nobody ever speaks of it. Unlike hawthorn or hazel.

Above, Wild Mignonette. I don't see this very often but I appreciate how distinctive it is and therefore identifiable. It reminds me of baby corn with those flowers.

Aha, above looks like Hound's-tongue. Not really noticed this before or possibly thought it was just a gnarly comfrey.
Above, speckled wood butterfly.
Below, I'd say this is Bugloss.
Reach for the stars.
Take care,

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