Life in the bubble

Thursday, May 14, 2020

I left a comment for Hazel the other day about life feeling now quite normal in the bubble that we're in. Now that there have been a few weeks to acclimatise (full of ups and downs of course) it does feel like more of a constant rather than a shock to the system. I'm not one for going into shops particularly. Yes, I enjoy charity shopping and used to go through the rigmarole of grocery and town shopping weekly but since lockdown I think all I've done is pop into a garage once or twice and the cobbler as a favour. C has born the brunt of the rest though doesn't seem to mind. I haven't missed going out like that, in fact I've been pleased that the need hasn't arisen.
I'm sure the lockdown has been very hard on people who enjoy the company of others and just heading out to be in company, especially for those who live alone. I've not felt that pang of distance. Through regular visits to the allotment; inevitable exchanges of news across fences and my online bootcamp or even pre-recorded workouts I feel like all my 'social' boxes remain ticked. Of course, I've kept in touch with family so they can never be shaken off for long.

 I did feel tempted to write a lengthy post about how I feel about the new 'steps' out of lockdown but it feels so heated out there from all sides I can't be bothered to shout my thoughts over the noise. Honestly, it feels like most people are yet to understand or accept the facts.

  • Covid 19 will not be going away soon, if ever. 
  • The economy relies on continuation, the government have already spent out more than they could ever afford on the pause
  • It's the NHS not being overloaded that we locked down for, not to keep us safe
  • The disease could affect anyone, you may catch it and be fine, or it may kill you off
  • In the short term we have to personally make a decision about our own actions. Whether it's worth the risk to do each thing. Yes we all need groceries and medication. No, we do not need to see friends and family or have a day at the beach. 
  • Each person has a different situation with work and while they are supposedly working on ways to make environments safER they cannot be completely safe unless we are all walking around in HASMAT suits.
  • In the long run - who knows. We may well never be able to live as 'before' or we could well do, only with the omnipresent risk of catching this disease but that being an accepted possibility.

So each bubble is going to look different. You may have to adjust your own lifestyle to make a safer or more workable bubble but a bubble it shall have to be for a while.

Take care,

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