Heading for summer

Saturday, May 30, 2020

We're rapidly heading for full scale summer but with such meagre rainfall in spring the outlook is somewhat dry. Lawns which might tend to crisp up in July or August are already starting to frazzle and it doesn't look like the forecast offers much hope. After the wet, wet winter it's difficult to see if this is ok or still going to be too dry. It's so easy to just relish in the lovely sunny days and marvel in the blue skies and breeze but what good would it do to worry that the clouds aren't rolling in?
Cuckoo flower above
Star of Bethlehem below.

Green alkanet in swathes. It really takes a hold when it gets going.

Below, oxeye daisies. 

This year is not the year I study dandelion-esque varieites. 
Masses of ribwort plantain.
Cherries on the trees appearing.

Fluorescent speedwell.
Skylark! Theses are the guys you hear on their non-stop chattering song above fields like a mobile hovering loudspeaker. That crest though!

Take care,

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