The hunt for Orange-Tiptober

Friday, May 01, 2020

And then it was May...
You might be pleased to know that I won this morning's 'pinch and a punch' which has in recent years become a highly contested win each month. I've taken to keeping a score sheet. Thanks to a well timed strike while C was putting a sock on the score is one draw, three to C and one to me so I'm back in the running again. Strategy is everything. So determined was I to execute a successful turn-of-the-month greeting, that I even dreamed of it twice. C was dismayed so I tried not to show my smugness.
A hotch-potch of pictures today as I don't know where I'm at...
Huge horse chestnut blossoms

Greater celandine growing in the wall.

There have been so many orange tip butterflies taunting me with their pretty pop of colour; fluttering here and there yet virtually never landing. It's been a struggle to capture any form of picture with them in. However, I had to laugh as finally one looked like it was going to land. Snap, snap, snap with the camera only to find my beauty was only trying to land on another romancing couple of orange tips! Three for the price of one!!

They look completely different with closed wings; a mottled green.
Red campion coming to a verge near you soon.
Below, groundsel in flower and seed. C calls them 'fluffy' as they took over a patch of the flower meadow last year and it did look like a carpet of fluff. I think their name sounds like a hybrid of hansel and gretal though.

Well I couldn't decide if these were ground elder or not so tucked away but they probably are. It was either self heal or bugle as the alternative. Anyway, I was enjoying their flowers up close and their hairiness.

Most of the cherry blossom is on the floor now but it looked fantastic this spring.
Speckled wood.

Above, charlock. Looks like oil seed rape but it isn't.

I would encourage an enjoyable weekend but we're all at sea with plans so just take care and do your thing. Stay safe!


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