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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

I'd forgotten just how busy things get in mid to late spring. My mind plays tricks on me; somehow erasing the memories of days packed from start to finish and still not getting everything satisfactorily done. Considering it happens EVERY YEAR you would think that some part of me would take heed of those gone by and brace myself. Yet no, I seem confused as ever that I'm faced with so much to do. It gets worse though, as because I'm still predominantly working from home and therefore have less travelling time each day, barring the stairs you would think I can wrap more up each week and perhaps be left with time in hand. Somehow not. But I'll try harder to organise myself better.

I did want to keep blogging every day, and if I really tried, I could but the guilt that I should be doing something more productive just seeps in and I find that my own passions are popped on the shelf a while, though not all. To tend the plants is important, to tend myself is important but it's the writing which has to step aside a while. There are so many pictures to share but it's the looking through and organising which drains the time. Soon. Ish.
 Sunday's hot sunshine stroll. Rhododendrons.


 Dog roses. And these field flowers I always hope are chamomile but probably aren't.

 Aquilegia. I don't consider this wild, just escaped from a garden.
 Sea holly?
 Fields of purples.
Common mallow in bloom again.

Take care,

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