Companions and campions

Thursday, May 07, 2020

There's something joyful about the return of annual companions; in the spring it's lesser celandine, primroses, greater stitchwort, speedwell and red campion to name but a few. Lovely to see their return to glory each year.

The scent of cow parley cheering the lanes as it shimmies in the breeze.
 Who cares for dock? Not many, it's drab in flower.
Garlic mustard is booming here.

 White dead nettles are rife

 They are pretty fascinating up close. Some have a blush pink top to their white flowers...

 Ribwort plantain...

Herb robert, so delicate.
Must be honeysucle below.

Oaks draping flowers everywhere
Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Who knows what and where Monday may bring us...

Take care,

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  1. Ah, these old friends are most welcome! There's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much cow parsley about!

  2. It was reading your blog that helped me to identify red campion. Every time I see it I point it out, Andy really doesn't mind me telling him every. single. time. we see it :)


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