Short circuit

Sunday, May 03, 2020

A wet week of changeable weather, winds and the odd unexpected sunshine. I'm not a fan of flux so I wish it would just make it's mind up and settle down. One rainy day C decided we ought to go out despite the drizzle after he'd earmarked a path to try. Funnily enough it's fairly close by to us yet not somewhere we had noticed before. Hidden footpath sign tucked along a tiny lane; it was only by chance that when driving by the week before we had spotted walkers emerging from a hedge and sought to investigate.
Lo and behold a short circuit was possible- ideal for a bit of fresh air under a low slung grey cloud. I didn't take my camera but did whip my phone out for a few snaps as it felt so nice to see somewhere new!
Due to the constant threat of rain we didn't pass another soul. It was fantastic to have the scene to ourselves, aside from a sleeping deer whom we disturbed. It bounced off into the field.

Unexpected view! Norfolk can be difficult to find a long view from as it feels flat but sometimes you get a lovely surprise of a longer landscape.

The lure of paths into the trees! Of course we didn't enter as there were no signs but goodness, they looked enticing.
Oh bluebells, what a treat. They truly lifted my spirits, especially as we cannot go to see our usual favourite spots.

 Strange to see aquilegia on the verge. I suspect it was planted as opposed to naturally growing!
 More charlock
Below, black medick I think (awful picture but my phone is not happy about co-operation)

 I think this white frothy picture is hedge bedstraw.

 Afloat on a sea of forget-me-nots.
Take care everyone,

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