Practically glacial

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Good morning everyone, I'm trying the new Blogger format today and to be honest it's not working well for me so far! Usually I upload all of my images, which it then lets me arrange in the order I want them before sticking them on the page. The writing gets dotted around in between where I want to chip in with something. However, it's not showing any images when I upload the whole post's worth so looks like a one-by-one approach may be taken from now on. Boo! 
It's very slow too. Yawn. There's so chronology any more to posts, it's what I stumble upon as and when although I do want to do another allotment post soon as things change so quickly - the last was mid April and by now there's much more going on which I want to document before the lairy growth gets going and it's impossible to keep looking tidy (though some people manage and it annoys me that they can and I cannot).
Oh that's bugle above.

Tadpoles in a frenzy. That muddy puddle is only going to shrink, becoming more concentrated. What a horrible start to life for any of those frogs that make it. Some will be eaten by their older, more ferocious siblings. I uploaded those 2 together so presumably I could do more but the speed is practically glacial. 

This is the kind of deer which eats all the pretty plants in my garden. I frown at all it's cousins now. Garrrrr!!!!
Trefoil. I love the orange to yellow

One of those bizarre caterpillars just hanging off a tree by a thread. Virtually impossible to photograph in a breeze but I've got to try!
Well you can tell it was a while ago, the foxgloves are now in bloom at least round here,
Insect-wise, I know nothing.
Lime flowers?

Weirdy fungus never goes un-snapped.

Take care,

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