Restore the peace

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Let's home today's a better day than yesterday which was a typical Monday of annoyance and frustration bolstered with a dose of good old fashioned anger too. I shall attempt to divert you and I both with some photographs of the countryside/ Let's restore the peace.

Below, hedge woundwort, which I found just about still flowering. 

I never know what this type of the above is called. They all look so similar to me, yet not perfectly identifiable from the book. Perhaps perennial sow thistle.
A few sloes still in good condition. You'll miss the boat if you don't collect some very soon.

A few seeds. 

These shrivelled up old leaves feel very relatable to 2020.

Still the odd umbel of flowers defying the season.

So cunningly hidden I almost stepped on them!

There seem to be ever-so-many holly berries this year. The holly in our garden is caked in them, more than ever before. It's either because there were more flowers pollinated, thus more fruits created or it's the same number of fruits but less early demand to eat them (or less birds around to eat them). 

Above, nipplewort. Not one to shout about.

A flailed and bare hedge reveals a little nest within. I wonder who built this little home?

Take care,

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