Toeing the line

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The trees have put on a curtailed display of autumn colour round here this year. I'm blaming the high winds. Many trees are bare already and the over all effect is more of a drab landscape than one of fire and spirit. That said, it does suit the dour mood of the nation this season so at least it's toeing the line of appropriacy. 

We had high hopes that this might be a service tree. The fact that the berries are not the brown colour we expected has lead us to sadly conclude it isn't. Still yet to find one on a (very long) hunt for what was once a common sight.

Only a few highlights of leafage left in some spots.

I always hope I don't look too rough as buzzards circle overhead. Guys, I'm still moving.

Last rems of chicory flowers and below, a dazzling pink borage flower. How delightful.

Take care,


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