Jacket and jeans

Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Amazingly, I wore this back in August on a lousy grey day when jeans and a jacket were called for. I felt ok, it's nice to throw on bootcut jeans like it's 2002 before skinny jeans took over. It's not often I'm seen in stripes, come to think of it. There's been a lot of higgledy-piggledy weather lately. Last week we had an overnight high of 14 then the next night -1. What is going on? I was out in my t-shirt yesterday and although I was busy, the sun felt HOT. Despite having considered going in for an early Christmas, so far all we've popped on are a couple of tunes. It hasn't felt that cold yet. I'll get round to feeling festive when the weather stops outdoor play.

The empty August landscape doesn't look that dissimilar to that of mid November. 

Take care,

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