Friday, November 20, 2020


The mud's going to stick around a while. We took a walk last weekend and due to an inclement morning of torrential rain there were numerous super-puddles which took quite some negotiating to pass. One also lead to a diversion but it's sometimes nice to take a new path. Glad I wore my Magnum boots again, they cope so well in grotty ground. 

I did have to coax myself into something bright and cheerful, it was so tempting to go for the horrendous ugly  yet comfortable trousers in which I toil at the allotment or garden. But of course, I did raise my spirits with some eyeliner, mascara and a dress. There can't be many dresses that make you feel worse than huge baggy working trousers? I did feel more perky.

Low light, faux light, odd light. A bit of all but not much of any. These shots came out with a bluey wash but at least it's interesting. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Take care,

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