Side swept

Thursday, November 05, 2020


It might not be quite as apparent as it ought from these pictures but believe me, the side wind was blowing a hoolie. 

In standard Sophie fashion I'd coaxed myself into making myself feel presentable in town when we picked up some supplies. I wore my new dress I'd naughtily bought a few weeks before from the Original Factory Shop. It was cheap and looked so autumnal, I feel like I've committed some sin by buying it new but there we go. Anyway, it's not flattering in the slightest and nothing remotely how I imagined it fitting so I was pretty deflated about that and toyed with taking it back. Bad news is that I'm at fault, not the dress so for no logical I threw two fingers up at the truth and wore it anyway. To town I wore it with my favourite black heeled ankle boots which always make me feel taller and more fun. My new (apologies again!!) black mock-croc mock-leather jacket on top which is super comfy and shall become a staple like it's light brown sister. The result was one I could tolerate; it was fun and less frumpy. However, travelling home with frozen food did not leave any scope for a detour to stop for even a swift outfit stop so I had to make do with a few snaps with my big old Magnum boots instead. I threw off my coat into the leaf litter and got goosie for a couple of minutes. Que Sera. 

I loved the colour, print and sleeves. I'll have to wear it with my jacket and heels again in the hope of feeling a bit more positive about it.
Bucket and Spade necklace was a cute present from Kezzie, earrings are my most worn, bangles are just a handful I grabbed from my stash. 

Right, I'm off to kick Lockround II's sorry backside, taking no prisoners. 

Take care,

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  1. I think it looks rather nice. I have a dress that on occasion just doesn't feel right, and I think it comes down to the accessories. Can we see it with your heels and jacket?
    Don't worry about buying new, sometimes it's necessary. The problem with buying new items only arises if they're treated as disposable, which I know you definitely don't do.
    Trying to take photos on a windy day is something I find almost impossible!

  2. Hello! You say it doesn't look right but I think it looks incredibly nice on you and in the perfect setting for such an Autumnal dress. It wouldn't matter which boots you were wearing as I am looking on my tiny phone and can't distinguish them anyway!
    I actually wouldn't apologise for buying new, at the moment particularly- I think most businesses that are struggling are grateful for any purchases and it's not as if you are buying a dress in Primark for a night out and then slinging it out the next day because you can't be seen in it again which is what a lot of people do (I've got a colleague who tells me she changes her cushions and curtains and room decorations once a year to have a change of colour which, to Me, seems hugely wasteful!)
    I bought a new pair of boots in Northumberland last week from an independent and whilst I was guilty about buying more shoes/boots- knew that I'd use them a lot and that the business might really need it.


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