Let there be

Monday, November 23, 2020


Let there be light. It's fascinating the effect on everything light has. When you really consider the impact of the sun and the clouds it does boggle the mind. I personally feel the requirement to go outside and feel the benefit of the natural light, the air and the freshness that comes with it. Options and opportunities are far more limited over autumn and winter *shakes fist angrily and mutters obscenities* so to supplement by vitamin D intake I not only take my multivitamin chews as I have done for a good few years now, but also I've recommenced additional vitamin D with a mouth spray. They say that vitamin D is looking like something to mitigate Covid symptoms and I do believe that vitamin D has such an impact on me so quite honestly, the more the better. I used to attempt the tablets but I struggle with swallowing tablets and chewing them isn't all that pleasant so always look for other options. This isn't an ad by the way, just a wee waffle.

Above, no editing at all, just the curious colours of a narrow path through bare trees and a perfectly placed pile of fallen leaves. Looks like a spotlight.

Ah she's off snapping dead weeds again. Weird habit.

There's still a few fungi around if you look carefully.

Ah, a beauty of a fly agaric.

This one reminds me of a stack of jaffa cakes.

Hope you have a wonderful new week.

Take care,

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