Mid November allotment status

Thursday, November 19, 2020


The allotment has not seen much of me for the past month. I've tried to tidy up a bit, some weeding and pottering but I haven't really got stuck in of late. There's still a fair bit of produce on the table each week so I'll talk you round the plot once again.

The new raspberry patch has been created. C has put in support posts and planted the new canes. I am putting my trust in this latest raspberry collection after the palty offering from the raspberries from all the recent years. 
Below, there will be more strawberries added to the two rows here now that the pumpkins have gone. 

Squashes and beans have been gone. I should tidy up a bit.  
You can see our onions, shallots and garlic have come though and there's quite a few. Unfortunately we have a terrible success rate with storage. 

The muck bays were emptied out and re-filled with poo, chopped leaves, a bit of sawdust, chopped green waste and layered up. Hopefully we will get more good compost out next year.
Below, the rhubarb will re-surface next spring.

Looking dreadfully messy (so embarrassing). Empty raised beds, very piddly swedes and the chopped ends of jerusalem artichoke. We've decided to remove these as we don't make enough use of it to justify the space (and light) they take up.

Below, muck in a heap to rot, and cabbages. Somebody grew a lot of cabbages this year.

The monster parsnips are the best and biggest ever ever grown! More weedy swede. 

Sprouting broccoli. YUM.
The celeriac are HUGE this year and we are making lots of soups and using them in root vegetable mash. Lots of lovely leeks, some kale...

And copious sprouts, but not yielding that many sprouts. Come on!

Take care,

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