Strumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve in the Yare Valley

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Strumpshaw Fen Nature ReserveStrumpshaw Fen Nature ReserveStrumpshaw Fen Nature ReserveStrumpshaw Fen Nature ReserveStrumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve

At the weekend we ventured along to Strumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve in the Yare valley in the Norfolk Broads. The fen is an RSPB run reserve with hides overlooking the water, giving bird watchers a good seat for spying a diverse array of wildlife. Personally, I'd prefer to walk miles and miles seeing gorgeous views and little insects and pretty plants over sitting on my behind for an hour waiting to see something any day of the week. The best thing about Strumpshaw Fen was that there are three way marked trails to keep people with itchy feet busy. The Fen, Meadow & Woodland trails offer the chance to see a variety of different wildlife. In order to make the longest circular walk we took the Woodland trail then joined the Fen trail at the furthest point, the map they give you is a help although the paths were easy to follow anyway. I'd guess the total distance was around 5k taking us a couple of hours to complete (we stopped a lot!). There is an entry fee of £3.50 per adult which I feel is a touch high, maybe £2 would be more in line with what is offered but then I'm not an eager bird watcher so wasn't making the most of the facilities.

Strumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve

Strumpshaw Fen Nature ReserveStrumpshaw Fen Nature ReserveStrumpshaw Fen Nature ReserveSONY DSCSONY DSCStrumpshaw Fen Nature ReserveSONY DSC

We did see a good lot of lovely things; the swallowtail caterpillars were striking, the woodland trail was quite literally buzzing with life. I wasn't fast enough to capture most of the magical dragonflies and have to say I did get a little shrieky when butterflies fluttered too close. The paths were in excellent order, good underfoot.

Strumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve

Strumpshaw Fen was a delightful place to visit and I'd definitely recommend for fellow wildlife enthusiasts.


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  1. Great pics again Sophie, you could enter any of these for the Norfolk trails...

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love nature! I especially like the butterfly on the purple flowers

    Katie <3

  3. These are the most beautiful photos, what a lovely location!

    Maria xxx

  4. Awesome blog...have always wanted to visit Strumpshaw Fen and you have inspired me to do it asap...I will be back to read more


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