A good stretch

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hello all, this is the second instalment from Saturday's longer than usual walk. These days we don't tend to cover much ground but on that day we covered around 5 miles which I realise is really still not far but made for a good stretch and change of scene. The early afternoon sunshine which felt like one of the brightest days in some time faded to early sunset by the end which also felt beautiful and peaceful in it's own right; as if the day had worn itself out and wanted to tuck down for an early night.
Bright empty seed pods of spindle. They are unnaturally bright.

Brambles in every shade. Aside from the blackberries themselves, the leaf colour progression is the only redeeming feature.
Lanes with grass growing up the middle. Out in the sticks.

It puzzled me that I thought these were sycamore but upon closer inspection they're a different shape seed.
A bush of bright red rosehips!

Tangling vines...
Take care,

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