Cheerful and sharp

Monday, December 18, 2017

This time next week we'll be cooking turkey; doesn't the day roll around fast? With the majority of our shopping and preparations completed on Saturday morning and a forecast for rain on Sunday we grabbed cameras, layered up and took to the streets, well, lanes for some winter sunshine. The big glowing yellow thing in the sky delivered in fine form with a beautiful blue backdrop, making everything feel cheerful and sharp. 

The couple of hours freedom from the rest of civilisation was blissful; so quiet, tranquil and calming. There is little I enjoy more than stretches of landscape with not a soul to be seen. 

The sun rays pierced through sparse hedges.
Some leaves yet to even veer from green, let alone fall. Most intriguing.
Frost pockets hiding from the sun where the ice has not budged for a few days.

One tiny blip of flowering colour on an altogether monochrome walk, the last sigh echoing back from summer. In fact this weekend has generated an unexpected influx of photos which I shall share over the next few days. I haven't decided what to do between Christmas and new year, there may be a lull or I might get an urge to compile some more posts, who knows. As always, I tend to pop together a little round up of favourite shots from the year which acts as a brief round up in case you missed any of the 241 (and counting) from 2017 - maybe one slipped your attention?!
Have a beautiful week, don't stress, don't put pressure on yourself.
Take care,

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