Frosty winter morning

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The hard frost of Sunday morning rendered the landscape utterly gorgeous, picture perfect. We went out walking to immerse ourselves in the wonder of winter while it lasted, I wrapped up in as many layers as possible, hat, scarf, thermal gloves. Fortunately, the majority of camera operation is still achievable with my flumpy gloved hands, though the smaller buttons take more of a concerted effort to improve dexterity. The ground was rock solid, with molehills becoming a serious trip hazard and frozen puddles into a potential slip and sink experience. 

With the pastel skies and white fields it looked all very beautiful.

Rare sight of C.

I love sneaking a look though gaps in hedges.
Every last tendril crisped in ice crystals.

These snowy rosehips were one of my favourite sights. The reds stood out amongst all the whites.

There are some more pictures to come tomorrow I expect, there were so many.
Take care,

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