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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

There is so much that appeals to me in terms of learning new skills. It would be amazing to take the time to sit down for a couple to hours to be walked and talked through something completely new by an expert. Basket weaving came to mind yesterday; while I did a brief stint at middle school, I'm sure it would be something lovely to do over winter. Imagine what an unusual gift it would be to give someone - a handmade basket. For storage, shopping, flower gathering, even a crib of sorts. Let's face it, these sort of skills are dying out and unless someone steps up to carry them out a little longer they could face being lost forever. One day I'd like to take up knitting, crochet and that nature of weaving wools but I can admit that my patience is too immature as yet. Much as I enjoy sewing with my machine, my skills are limited and unpolished. Some kind of dressmaking is something I was keen to take up a couple of years ago but as with anything, it's so much more complicated that it first looks. Classes are not particularly up my street as I feel so uncomfortable in group situations so maybe Youtube tutorials are the way forward (remember I followed a great one to make some tote bags).
What else? Well, I would like to make better use of natural remedies and know what helps with what ailments, which takes years of just practicing looking up. Baking and cooking from scratch. Last time I made pastry? Um, never. Preserving and storing. Making infusions and pickles.
Of course, writing is something I may have a chance of pursuing one day. You just need time and quiet (JUST) and to be allowed to let creativity flow.
Crafting, being arty and frivolous. Making pretty things for the house. Pottery! Working with clay to make sculptures, pots, planters and glazing them with different designs each time.
I just need a little time...
What would you like to learn?

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  1. Ha, this rings very true to me! My friend Julian at church's Dad does basket weaving. He always has a stall at the Billericay Christmas fair and he allowed children and adults to come and make Rush-woven stars.
    I began a post a while back called, '10skills I'd like to learn' but never quite fleshed it out enough to publish so you've inspired me to finish it. Two things I've always been interested in are Fencing and Mosaic-making. Also, the dress-making has been on the agenda for a while! I hope you take up basket-weaving!

  2. Basket weaving is on my Day Zero Project list. Most things you mention here I'd like to do - cooking from scratch more often, natural remedies, knitting and crochet I can do but not to a decent standard. I'd like to do a 'survive in the wild' type course, and I'd like to learn how to shoot, but this comes from watching too much Walking Dead - haha!


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