Toasty in the woods

Monday, December 04, 2017

Oh it's been a wonderful weekend, it really has. This year both C and I are feeling festive already so took the opportunity to get our Christmas tree and pop up the decorations over the weekend. Things haven't been quite finished yet but fingers crossed we will complete the job by tomorrow. It was quite a struggle to know what order to address our to-do list as there was plenty needing attention and the daylight was crucial to several. On Sunday morning I threw a spanner in the works and announced we should head out for a walk regardless of what was left to do; if you can't abandon chores at the weekend then what has life come to? So a brief jaunt out was taken and I can't deny it did me the world of good. 
Never attempt to stand on a slippery fallen tree for a picture. It doesn't work well, I must remember this.
My snuggly warm coat from Lighthouse kept me lovely and toasty.

How did your weekend go?
Take care,

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  1. Glad you saw the funny side of the slippery log incident ,could have done some damage to yourself
    if you had fallen though, C was smart to get the photo while you were still laughing about it, nice one .

  2. I had a quiet weekend. I went to work with Andy on Saturday morning - we just drove around the fields inspecting things and keeping an eye on those pesky pigeons. We took a trip to a local florist for supplies for wreaths, I read a lot, did a little tidying, but mostly I took it easy.
    I love the slippery log photos.


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