A portion of oatmeal

Thursday, December 07, 2017

I'd describe this jumper as oatmeal in terms of colour which is usually something that makes me wince but on this occasion it happens to play the role of neutraliser with some of my jazzier skirts and dresses.  Have you seen this knit skirt before? I can't recall especially whether it's featured here before or not but it is most definitely shorter than I realised! Thank goodness for thick tights. 
Another of my hats, I'm getting accustomed to picking one out to wear to save my head from freezing in these nippy temperatures.

The seventh of December; it's on that tipping point between 'plenty of time before Christmas'/'last minute panic to get ready for Christmas' but I'm determined to plough on to get myself organised instead of putting off things I estimate wont take long.
Take care,

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