Fallen dormant

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's when the world looks as though it's falling dormant that my mind starts to wander to next year with my plans, aspirations and expectations for the coming 12 months. The handwritten list I scrawled on a torn-out sheet of notepaper and popped on the side of the fridge in January has since been covered with the blueprint for white bread and torn up meal plans ready for new shopping lists for town. Recalling a few completely unaddressed entries makes me wince, though I'd like to say there are many I gave a shot or even conquered (it's unlikely) but the good news is that we can re-evaluate what's a priority for 2018 and plan accordingly. 

The cold, frozen world this morning makes me want to roll myself up in a blanket and refuse to come out until at least the sunshine has some warmth to it or the spring flowers are on the cusp of blooming.

Take care, stay warm and safe travels.

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