Winter plans and wishes

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Winter makes me want to hibernate all season until March swings around so my wishlist of things to do tends to be far more compact than any other season. There are a few things that pique my interest:

Photographing the winter highlights

Have we already seen the sum total of snow? Who knows, but I enjoy capturing the landscape in unusual conditions; snow, frost, mist, fog, steam. So if I can, I will try to.

Get crafty

The short hours of daylight and long nights mean we can't be outside as much and this is prime time to do some crafting. It doesn't stand a chance between March-October so I need to squeeze some sewing in or making on the wet and dark days.

Read my book pile

I've asked for a few books for Christmas and I want to get some good reading in.

Catch up on letter writing

I've lapsed over summer but I do enjoy penning letters

Seek out the first flowers 

And generally try to keep the house interesting wit decoration until our cutting garden blooms are ready.

Consider our aims and goals for 2018

With a whole empty year ahead it needs a little bit of guidance to make best use of it

Plan the allotment and cutting garden

C just will not sit down and draw out where the vegetables need to go at the allotment. It tends to be left until we're literally needing to put them in the ground and he asks where I think they should go. A fair bit of teeth gritting gets done. I prefer to plan everything out then execute said idea. 

That's about it for my winter. Of course, continuing to blog Monday - Friday each week would be lovely but I don't like to put pressure on, so we'll see how it goes. 

Take care,

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