Little birdie

Friday, December 08, 2017

I'm all out of energy, time and inspiration for the week. Little birds have been taunting me with their endearing behaviour; hopping between branches and pecking away at microscopic bugs while playing with others in their flock. They frequently scarper long before I've adjusted my camera focus but on this occasion this blue tit (or possibly great tit) posed kindly for me.

To my delight, I noticed that 2017's blog post tally has reached 235 already, whereas in previous years it's been 226, 219, 219... I'm very pleased with myself as keeping momentum and sharing the best of countryside life is a joy and something to be celebrated.

I hope you have a wonderful festive weekend, take care and be kind.

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  1. 😀 ;-) def G Tit great little birds I think more character than the blue tit who are a bit over dressed at times ;-)

  2. PS well done on the number of blogs love reading them happy Christmas ;-)

  3. Yay! Your lovely blog makes me very happy every time I read it! Keep it up! I know for a fact that I've blogged less this year than in any other year!

  4. Sweet pic!
    Well done on the blogging, you've created some amazing content this year. And long may it continue.


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