Have a wonderful Christmas

Friday, December 22, 2017

It's almost Christmas; I'm ready, are you? There is plenty to fit in yet, but it's all good. A few essential festive films to watch, more chestnuts to roast and maybe a few carols. 
However you spend the next fortnight I hope that you find some joy in there, some peace, some time to reflect, whoever you spend the time with and where. Not everyone gets time off, but I'm making sure that I'm taking the opportunity to stay off work for the week. Thank you to all those people doing important work which can't just be dropped. 
Here's a few more super frosty super festive pictures. 


That's me done for the year, I'll pop up a couple of round-up posts next week then see what 2018 brings.
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time, take good care of yourselves.

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  1. Hope you and C have a great Christmas to. Thank you for all your wonderful pictures and write ups you have done this year . Shall look forward to next year to see what adventures you have. x

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  3. Lovely picures as always.Have a great christmas and New year.

  4. I love the frosty pictures again. I hope you have a lovely Christmas as well Sophie!


  5. Happy Christmas looking forward to 2018 blogs and pictures 😀.


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