A new year, a new dawn, a new day

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Welcome to a whole new year on Sophie in the Sticks! In the chasm between mid December and yesterday I toyed with the idea of not returning, of quitting while ahead, leaving on a high note. Alas, I've never been that cool. I'm not the rock 'n roll star to die young, I'm the wallflower going to seed quietly in the shadows. So let's get this show on the road. Ticket sales may be dwindling but the show must go on.
Amongst the dire downpours and Baltic cold days we did find a few opportunities to get out. Not every day, but a few. This was a cold one.

I called this outfit 'cold'; not because that was how I was feeling but as this was my remedy to it. A great deal of layers and an extremely warm skirt which had the most unfortunate lack of manoeuvrability. A tight skirt meant that my stride length was forced to half which was an immediate irritation, not to mention accident waiting to happen. As a point of interest I consider my stride to be a lengthy one for a woman of my height and therefore this well meaning woollen skirt was even less appropriate attire for a loper like me.

I do have a few new years resolutions and thoughts but they shall have to wait for another day.
Take care,

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