Snowdrops and aconites

Monday, January 29, 2018

After such a long winter's wait they snowdrops have finally arrived! Why is it, might I ask, that winter aconites do not receive the same glory as their spring-heralding counterparts? We all rub our hands together with glee at the appearance of snowdrops but who has made mention of their anxious wait for aconites? The vast minority. Let us not favour any flower above another.

I found a small spattering on verges but by far the most are to be found in churchyards. I suspect regular churchgoers from upon outsiders sneaking in to the churchyard in search of the first wildflower of the year. #sorrynotsorry I shall not make apology for the adulation of the perfect fresh  blooms.

Winter aconites are poisonous, I believe. Don't touch.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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