2018 in resolutions

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The list I made last year, in review, was relatively well addressed for resolutions. There are some that I didn't make a jot of effort toward, some I struck off in grand style and many that I had every intention of doing but never quite 'got round to'.

I hate that term 'getting round to...' It essentially means that it's not getting prioritised and not likely to ever be either.

This year I have a very firm statement in mind. If I don't intend to finish, don't start. Little frustrates me more than wasting time researching something that never gets bought - either seal the deal or don't bother at all. What's the point of putting in time and effort to something when you will only have to cover the exact same ground again when you try picking it up again another time. For example, we finally got our potato storage 'unit' sorted, bought, put up and filled. Don't need to think about it again. Our mattress has almost expired altogether but has been a bane for at least a couple of years - memory foam was remembered our shapes and has unkindly left big ruts where we lie as well as being generally far too hot to be comfortable. Over the new year time off we underwent that ghastly trial of laying on all the beds and doing that thing where we take it in turns to roll over and rate how inconvenient each one was. I insisted we would have to get one bought - there was no way we'd spend another day starting the laying down games in each store again. So now it's the anxious wait to see if it's going to be comfortable for the next decade (no pressure!!!!).
Next up is the shoe rack. We currently have a small rack and a heap (despite my frequent efforts to keep things stacked neatly it becomes a mountain of lonely shoes).

It's less about what I want to address this year and more about if I want to do it then just bloody do it and don't stop 'til it's done.

On a separate note I've been meaning to write a fitness update piece which ought to have some specific goals on there, although I've never really made goals before as I don't go to a gym or use weights (or dare to dream of running like I used to) so they may take a little more consideration.

Take care,

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