Gold stripe

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I'm the first to admit that I own too many clothes, far too many. My wardrobe's rails are tightly packed and require a two handed approach on each occasion. When the mood takes me I adopt a ruthless strategy and bag up plenty to take to the charity shop but even so I somehow end up filling it back up again before long. I essentially need just a entire room dedicated to displaying all the clothes at their best (and hiding the ones that don't fit).
This year I haven't worn all that many tank tops as it's been often so cold that huge jumpers and coats have been the only option. That medium temperature of cool but not freezing is elusive. This amazing vintage top was a Christmas gift from Kezzie who is a talented present buyer indeed - it's so me! And the pretty heart necklace as well actually!
This colour combination is working for me; I struggle to know how to wear this neutral shade skirt but powder blue, bottle green and gold seem to rub along together nicely.

Eyeliner and I reacquainted ourselves at the weekend.
Here's to awesome vintage pieces!
Take care,

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