Desperate measures

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Desperate times call for desperate measures and with that in mind I reached for my gigantic poncho to wear like a wonderful warm blanket. I'm sure it's larger than before. Perfect for trips to the supermarket unless you need to wear a cross body handbag and carry a basket in which case use caution. However sitting in the passenger seat on the car journey is a doddle.
It did occur to me at late stage that it did appear that I was only wearing tights and said blanket as my knitted skirt is such a short one that it can't often be seen 'neath the fringing. Who cares.
Usually I regret buying ponchos or unorthodox pieces for my wardrobe but I can say hand on heart that I'm self-congratulatory when I reflect on buying this one, it's just so good to wear!

Long boots (still not re-soled these oops) and a turtle neck.

I love the wonderful drape and swish with such voluminous material.
Take care,

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