January fitness update

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I suppose the norm is to feel heinous about what happened in December and in a fit of insanity to start on lettuce and join a gym on 2nd January (after the new years' eve hangover has finally worn off) but quite contrary to the trend, I feel good. Back in September I wrote about where I was at at with my healthy lifestyle - trying to haul myself back on the bandwagon with bloodied broken nails and how I envisaged turning things around. Well I'm pleased to say that I've kept up a regular amount of exercise since then, with great results. My fitness levels seem to be better, I'm feeling more inclined to start a workout than try to bunk off with excuses. With the dark evenings it's been impossible to run outside although each weekend we do try to get out for a 5k as long as it's not icy. Over the Christmas break I think I ran about 25-35k in total and it left me feeling uplifted instead of guilty. So what if I over-indulged in food and drink for the best part of a month? That's just life. I stuck with exercise and have no regrets. That said, this year we are trying to pack in more vegetables and less processed food especially carbs. The main change being porridge for breakfast instead of toast. No biggie.
I bought myself a new pair of running shoes as my others are so worn away inside that it looks like a rodent as been in and nibbled away for nesting matter. I like the way they match almost identically with the colour of the cyclamen flowers (apparently this may be an indoor variety but it is hanging on even though the deer munched half).
So what goals should I set? It's a tricky one because there are not an awful lot of ways to measure if you don't use weights or weigh yourself or measure yourself. Although I would obviously like to slim down so I can wear my clothes again (yup that would be nice), I want to stretch my physical capabilities disregarding appearance.
Here's a few goals for 2018 (some more optimistic than others)

  • Our best 5k run to date was at the weekend (23:55) and I'd like to run sub 23 minutes. Breaking my PB of 21:47 sounds too much of an ask so I'll see how running goes this year.
  • I'd like to be able to do 10 of those close arm press ups with your elbows in to your sides
  • I'd like to do one respectable diamond press up
  • I'd like to work on doing a handstand push up (best try a handstand first!)
  • I'd like to do a convincing 2:30 plank. My planks are terrible - I can't breathe and my main risk is passing out if I push too much. I need to research how to improve this
  • I'd like to get up to level 11 on the beep test. We do one at boot camp and I believe it's the 15 meter one.
  • Pull ups - I want to try these and get better. 
That sounds like plenty to be getting along with for now.
Take care,

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