Toffee shock

Friday, January 12, 2018

Let's face it, with this cold wintry weather it could be a compendium of me in a big coat with an ugly bobble hat on with the only hint of variation being whether it's trousers or a skirt and which of my boots. However, in the interest of being more, well, interesting I've borne the freeze and shimmied free of outer layers for a couple of minutes for the sake of getting a few snaps. 
Much as I want to love this giant fluffy white gilet it hasn't lent itself particularly well to anything I wear (plus of course the annoying point that my arms are not kept warm!). It does have pockets, excellent.
As a serial jumper-purchaser I have added a handful to my overflowing wardrobe this year with this toffee number becoming the latest. It was cited as 'rust' but to me toffee sounds a far superior shade. I named this post 'toffee shock' and I'm hoping that you too yearned for one of these astonishing treats as a young reader too?!

This pretty little hearts necklace was a lovely Christmas gift from the ever thoughtful Kezzie
I can't believe it's Friday, the weeks still don't feel like they are following any much of a pattern yet so I'm continually getting confused about where we're at.
Stay warm, stay safe and take care of yourselves,

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  1. Toffee does sound much nicer than rust. I've never got the bodywarmer / gilet thing, I'd rather just wear a coat but furry gilets do look lovely. Yay for pockets!!
    I've never heard of a toffee shock, do tell.
    I'm still confused about what day it is. Although I did write the date correctly yesterday, got the year right and everything. I'm taking that as a win ;)
    Hope you have a fab weekend

  2. The Faraway Tree right?????? Yes, I too longed for a Toffee Shock-was it Silky or Moonface who made them? Or Saucepan man?
    I had a gilet that was very similar to that and I.found it similarly hard to style it but I LOVED it!!! Glad you liked the hearts necklace. The jumper is a very pretty shade. You ARE a jumper monster!!!x


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