Little yellow bird

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

All the little birds are signing their hearts out, hopping from branch to branch and fluttering around the garden and surrounding hedgerows in a mood of springtime excitement. We know that there's a way to go yet before the new season sets in but on the sunny afternoons it's hard not to get swept away on a carpet of blossom.
I haven't tried to identify this vivid yellow bird. My book doesn't help my lackadaisical mind when it comes to narrowing down species. When it comes to wildflowers I'm eager to pop a name to a find but birds.... I don't seem to hold the same level of interest. It doesn't help that my memory of what I spot ebbs away to the point of useless (and many bids in my book look so similar that I can't tell them apart at all). So I'll stick with little yellow bird and in my head that's special because yellow birds are exciting in general.
In spite of myself I did just have a look to see what help the RSPB could give me. I'm going to guess at grey wagtail (it should have a yellow belly in some forms) or a yellow wagtail. Still, the shot is not clear enough to be more use. When it comes to naming birds I could probably safely say about 20 but even that may be pushing my capabilities. While birds of prey, owls, game birds and passerines keep my attention I do admit that seabirds, waders and waterfowl cannot remotely.
How do you feel about birds?

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  1. I love birds especially in the next few months as they claim nesting territory, they sing there hearts out
    to find a mate and display there beautiful plumage. Once you get into bird watching it gives so much pleasure .From your picture i would say the bird is a Greenfinch .

  2. I do like birds. The only yellow bird I know is the Yellow Hammer!

  3. 😀 love your sentiment but birds are such an important part of the natural world but very frustrating 😀 I worked for the RSPB for 24 years and stil struggled. It looks like a Siskin try that one 😀.

  4. I like to see them, feed them and hear them tweet, but identifying them is almost impossible. I just know I'm seeing more birds than I ever have and loving it!


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