Winter warmer

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Woah, the gales have been strong here overnight. Waking up in the middle of the night was terrifying with the wind buffeting the trees and house; have we ever had such storms before? I'm sure I would have been scared witless by this as a child but no such occasion springs to mind. Today I'm sharing an outfit which I wore just after Christmas I believe, when the temperatures were only just above freezing. My grandmother bought me this hat which I was a little on the fence about (mainly the pointless little bit of fluff on the headband- why would anyone want this odd fixture?).
As I mentioned previously, hats ten to make me look weird so often end up restricted to extremely cold days where all thoughts of vanity get shelved in favour of survival. I tried to like the hat.
Wearing many layers including thermal tights and knit skirt, jumpers and my lovely shearling lined jacket from Lighthouse which has been worn a lot this winter. Huge soft scarf was a gift either last year or the year before from Hazel, it's perfect for the coldest of weather. Thermal gloves are a must too. Trusty Magnum boots for the gloopy mud.

As it turned out, the hat made my forehead itch like mad, it was unbearable even though it felt soft to the touch. My head does put up a protest to wool and certain fabrics. In the end I cut off the fluff and tried again another day but with a sore forehead it wasn't working out and this will be donated to charity. I tried!
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