Watched from the skies

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The buzzards have become our companions in the skies over the last few years; it's unusual not to either hear or catch sight of one when we're out walking or at the allotment. Of course I've barely captured a single one with my camera, I refuse to use a zoom lens and even when they fly low it's not low enough. See the speck in the very centre of the picture below. Impressive, non?!!
Anyway, I like to hear their piecing shrieks though it's not for the enjoyment of the sound itself, more that I can find myself reassured by the familiarity of recognition. Although my progress is painfully slow, I find that my diagnosis of bird calls is making baby steps of improvement. Listening to whatever breaks the quietness is a pleasant way to use time.
 Monochrome landscapes.

Silver bitches are easily identifiable with their somewhat scruffy appearance; they remind me of a man in need of a proper shave. Wafer thin bark. Apparently it makes for excellent tinder.

 Does gorse ever stop flowering? I'm convinced that I see these yellow beauties all year round.

 Gammy fungus lurking in th dank and damp. Yuck. Although perversely fascinating.

I hope your Tuesday is full of interest.
Take care,

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