Bluebells in bloom at Wayland Woods

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

The bluebell season has rolled around once more with more places on my wishlist to visit than ever. Following the recent prolonged wet weather it was clear that anywhere we went would be soft going underfoot so in the name of fearless countryside exploring I spent minutes lacing up my sturdiest boots to set about heading out. Wellies would have been a last resort as they're no match for a proper walking boot. They're more of a wader than an ankle and arch support plus you run the risk of that slopping sound as the rubber thwacks your calves as the fit is never quite right.
We digress.
Wayland Wood is a wonderful little gem of a reserve. I kick myself that we don't go more often! The bluebells are the real draw of course but there's so much more to see if you really look. It's signed as not for dogs except guide dogs but we came across two large dogs running amok all through the woodland loosely accompanied by an owner who I frankly wanted to give a piece of my mind but he looked potentially problematic and with two large dogs as companions this wasn't a tangle I wanted to get into in the middle of nowhere. I was furious though, that someone could be so blase about their selfishness and also that I couldn't impart at least a token of my thoughts to him about his behaviour. Again, I can only clutch on to the hope that if he treats the landscape with such lack of respect maybe a tree will respond by growing a gnarly root to trip him up one day, thus putting his back out. Wouldn't that be fitting?

Of course, there is so much much more than just the bluebells to admire but I've kept this post to just the one flower with the rest (and there are plenty!) for another day.

The dense young woodland occasionally gets a thorough chopping back - don't correct my over simplified idea of this - yet the carpet still faithfully appears in spring to wash round the trunks in a pale blue froth.

There were orchids too, I think these are early purple orchids. The palette of the blues and purples are exquisite.

 Oh these pretty flowers of the woods.

Only two white bluebells were spotted, I was trying to seek them out. As a good person I stuck to the footpaths so couldn't get close to either.
Have you been out looking for the blue beauties?
Take care,

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