All forgiving tunic

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The best piece you can own is a tunic dress with a long enough hemline, fact. The days when you have to leave the house in 2 minutes and can't waste time figuring out which shorts will suit any tops or whether you're too bloated to squeeze into a fitted waistband. It's the all forgiving tunic dress which holds it's worth and steps up to the plate. This one wins on all levels as the silky rich cotton feels beautiful against bare skin, even those slightly sunburned patches from yesterday, the colours are uplifting and the sleeves make it a cover-up without needing a jumper or light scarf to protect from harsh rays. I've worn it a good few times before but it never ceases to make me happy, even that waist tie just adds a little shaping.

People who say you can't wear big boots with dresses are ignorant. You can't venture anywhere in a flimsy sandal and besides, toes are terrifying and should be kept out of sight on all occasions.

The print is exotic and in your face but it works for me.
It's a curious time, when one day you dress to stay cool and the next you wrap up to keep warm. Spring!
If you haven't already voted in the Country Style Blog Award then you only have until the end of Friday to vote (I think!) and the winner gets announced next week. I have been thrilled at how many of you have already take the time to cast your vote and if you still want to then click here to vote. I'll stop asking soon, I promise.
Take good care of yourselves,

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