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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A week ago the sun shone for all it's worth all weekend long. The buds were popping open like popcorn going off in a microwave. The new lush greenery has provided a gorgeous clean covering all around like fresh bedding. Dappled shade now sways beneath the canopy, bees fly by and the first white butterflies flap about in their mad rush to goodnessknowswhere. Suddenly everything feels like the cogs have fallen into place, that the world is in motion once more. I want to sit on a gentle swing in a great big tree to watch the season happen in front of my eyes.

How are you?
Take care,

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  1. That picture with the golden hazy glow is rather fabulous!
    And I'm fine, thanks!x

  2. Nature is a wonderfull thing , one minute the trees & hedges look dead than within a week or so they are full of bloom & leaves giving such a range of colours great time of year. I am fine thanks just had a lovely walk around our local reserve Carlton Marshes birds ,bees , butterflies , dragonflies, & 2 Fen raft spiders.

  3. You've just made me realise that I want a swing in the garden, I've never grown out of them. Oh, what a fabulous idea!


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