Feathered dart

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Ah the bare legs have been packed away in trousers for the last few days to save going goosey, brrr it's been so nippy. This was the bare minimum I could get away with when it peaked at 27 in mid April. Summer was nice, wasn't it?!
The Latitude festival line up has been revealed which has prompted that festival feeling; hot days with sipping cider in the shade listening to music and the super relaxed calm that comes with it. We'll be there again for our fourth year and my mainstay of outfits is shorts and tees, though I do have to bring endless extra layers for the just-in-case scenarios just to add to the usual serious overpacking.

This tee is so apt with the millions of dandelions which are now in full bloom. They get everywhere which is unsurprising when you consider their well considered method of seed dispersion; one breeze and hundreds are off, floating through the air like feathered darts just moseying along to their final destinations. Like fluffy confetti at at more horizontal trajectory. Wouldn't it be nice to send messages that way? To be struck with a little dart that says 'be kind to yourself' or 'your smile is beautiful'. I'll work on it.

I did buy this little bag to replace my very old mint green one. I suspect this will see a lot of action over summer. It's from River Island if you're interested. Cross body bag with tassels. Hopefully this one will serve me for a good while to come.

Super exciting news! I have been named as a finalist in the Country Style Blog of the Year and if you wanted to give me your vote I would be so happy! Here's the page you can only vote once

There's a feature on Haynet blog featuring me, one year on from winning the Country Style Blog of The Year 2017 (THANK YOU!)  and I've done a Q&A which I would love you to take a read of if you have a moment. As always, I am eternally grateful for the luxury of being able to blog and for your support and kind words here.

May the sun come out and shine on.!
Take care,

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