No Spring is complete without a trip to Foxley Wood

Friday, May 11, 2018

How many years have we been going to Foxley Wood with it's springtime show of bluebells? Four? Five? I lose track. Either way each visit secures a need to return again. The volume of bluebells is second to none I know; there are thick carpets stretching all through the woodland and they never cease to amaze and dazzle. The car parking and footpaths leading from them veer from soft going to downright boggy which call for good boots or a strategic change of route - which seemed the preferred option for the people who turned up sandals. I'm happy to squelch through the quiet paths and admire the unfolding scene.

Plenty of new growth from trees, grasses and wildflowers. The water avens were everywhere and of course bluebells. But these teeny white flowers were unfamiliar. Any pictures have been take from the paths so often not close enough up to diagnose. Having said that still many ignorant people look to have been trampling off-piste to get a better look/shortcut/avoid the mud. It's very rude.

Speedwell! So small and pretty.

Amongst the bluebells grew greater stitchwort, lesser celandine and the start of red campion.

The pinky flowers are perhaps herb robert or the one which looks like it that I just can't remember until I thumb through the book for about the 300th time so far this spring...
I only glimpsed a couple of orchids from the path I imagine there were or will be plenty in the reserve but hiding away.

Always nice to see a bit of fungi.

The solid blue skies meant a brighter than ever set of Foxley Wood shots. It's a beautiful place.
Bugle and greater stitchwort.

More water avens which always looks like it's just about to flower even when in full flourish.


Crab apple blossom I believe. So pretty compared to ugly crab apple fruits.
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That's all for today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and fill it with spring joy.
Take care,

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