The tonic

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The words are just not happening today. I wanted to say something poetic about the golden evenings in the countryside feeling like the tonic to the irritant that is real life; the cooling cucumber drink, the soothing chilled flannel to the forehead. How instantly calming the stillness and birdsong feel. When a waft of scented blossom hits your senses and overwhelms in a floral wooze.

Magical barn owl sightings just make my day. Such haunting beasts flying with stealth, strength and strategic precision.

Get out while the evenings invite you to step into their wonderland.
Take care,

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  1. As usual a lovely set of pitures ,looks a great area for Barn Owls such a great bird to watch hunting over the fields.

  2. 'Get out while the evenings invite you to step into their wonderland', OK I will. It's going to be such a lovely evening tonight...

  3. There's obviously not too much oilseed rape cloying the hell out of the air where you are


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