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Friday, May 04, 2018

On Wednesday I shared the pictures of the bluebells in bloom at Wayland Woods but they were only part of the scene. It's fascinating to see what's coming up. Yellow archangel, I had to look this up. It's just coming into flower. It looks a bit like a nettle but actually it's a member of the mint family.

Patches of lesser celandine grew here and there.
Trees in flower too...

 Primroses in  amongst all the undergrowth... So much greenery with hundreds of leaves. Who know's what's growing? Certainly not me just yet!

 Wood anemone is visible in clumps.

The large shrubs/trees with the white blossom have thrown me. The first picture is a better close up if you have any thoughts....?

 I notice some vetch leaves appearing and swathes of ground ivy.

 Lords and ladies are all around though most have the plain green leaf.
Bugle looks striking! Flowers with blue colours are especially bold, don't you think?

In case you missed my news yesterday: I've been included as a finalist for the Country Style Blog Award for 2018 and you only have a little window to vote so I'd really love it if you took the time to lend your support by voting here. If you have done so already then THANK YOU ever so much.

Take care and have a beautiful bank holiday weekend. Get outside to make the most of spring if you can!

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