Slither of time

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

While many people opted to watch a certain couple tie the knot on Saturday we found a slither of time to head out to enjoy the sunshine after having completed the main tasks on the day's agenda.
Edit: I realise now I should have said sliver of time but you can get a slither of bacon so let's imagine a bacon shaped segment of time that we dredged from a busy day.
Sadly our English Heritage membership comes to an end imminently so we headed to Castle Acre Priory for one last look around, and what a lovely visit it was too. The grounds were bathed in springtime glory; the horse chestnut trees were in full bloom with thousands of flowers on show.

 Pretty amazing up close aren't they?

There was nobody else in sight, it felt quite like it was our own for a while. What a beautiful view. I did snap a few pictures of the flowers in the kitchen garden but I'll keep those for another day.

We headed out for a walk down to the river.
The peace was continually broken by a really grim lot who had decided to set up base at the riverside; vehicles parked up well beyond  and in front of the very sign where it specifically says no parking as it's a heritage site... It was presumably the father in charge who was making the majority of the noise. Kept bellowing like Tarzan which echoed all around, seemed to be acting more his shoe size than age. There are always some people who spoil it for the rest but I cling to the hope that their lives are being made miserable somewhere down the line.

We gave them a wide berth and gritted our teeth.

Take care,

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