More Keen adventuring - Terradora style

Monday, May 14, 2018

With the dawn of spring comes a new avenue for adventuring; longer daylight hours and the warmth to inspire heading outdoors instead of looking out of the window. Shorts and short sleeves. Smiles instead of scarves. I'm up for exploring and broadening my horizons, expanding my territory and climbing some metaphorical mountains. Doesn't the middle of May make you feel so alive?!

I've been road testing the new Keen Terradora Mid hiking boots recently. I've long since been a fan of Keen and their high quality practical footwear; the construction is well considered and they are ever so comfortable to wear as well as stylishly designed. These are from the new summer range and while many people prefer a low ankle shoe in summer I am bucking the trend and always opt for an ankle support.This pair come in six beautiful shades but I am wearing the most fabulous green which I think will both suit me and my motley collection of clothes. Green is good. They're waterproof, tough but flexible.
Good grippy soles, super cushioned for ease of the foot. I think they are such a great choice of footwear for my everyday adventuring. The two pairs I already own have been worn so often; the boots get worn every day for dog walking and allotmenting, the casual boots are perfect for a trip to town.

Many thanks for sending me this pair of boots to review. All opinions and content my own.
Here's to more adventuring!
Take care,

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