Ought not be tempered

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ah, the faded daffodils give me away. Time has moved along since these pictures were taken but in the absence of any at all over the bank holiday weekend we'll have to make do with these(oops - clothes were nice but just didn't get round to snapping any!).

A netted jumper. Less practical for keeping warm but on those days where the temperature teeters between warm and a tad chilly it does earn it's keep. Plus perhaps an impromptu fishing net or something. 
 Never stop exploring the infinite wonder that nature creates.... Such fascination ought not be tempered

 I've got a feeling this dress will be worn a lot for the rest of the year; it's back to a really comfortable fit and being a thick yet stretchy fabric it's the perfect casual option especially on a day with an unruly breeze.
Have a merry little day.
Take care,

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