Floral floatiness

Monday, May 21, 2018

Cast your minds back a few weeks to the balmy bank holiday weekend in early May when the bluebells were out in force and the sunshine was beating down from dawn 'til dusk. I wore this new blouse for a little outing to keep my arms and shoulders from getting burned.
It's a beaut from Peacocks and you can still buy it online here but I picked it up in store a few weeks ago when there was a sale on and it's gorgeous floral floatiness combined with the elasticated collar and cuffs just clinched the deal.

I'm still white as a sheet in these shots, though now I'm a couple of shades darker. These days it's frowned upon to get a tan but to my way of thinking a healthy brown glow goes a million miles to making me feel a darn lot better about myself, the world and everything in it. Tan safely.... Through sun block...
Hello scalloped shorts - long time no wear!

Hope you are in a good place.
Take care,

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