Return of the jumper dress

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Whatever happened to my jumper dress collection? I'm sure I used to have several but now, nada. Not until I picked up this yellow knitted beauty in a charity shop snoop earlier in the month. It's a comfortable fit, shape and size. The neck is lovely, I could even pop my big denim jacket over the top. What is happening with the sleeves? A slit up six inches from the wrist with loose plain tassels. Am I to tie these somehow? They seem impractically short, yet dangle uselessly as a decoration. It defeats me.
Bet you thought I had broken or given away these boots but no - they were in the 'not for the moment' boxes of footwear which harbour too many pairs of footwear that are out of season/just infrequently needed/technically will never wear but feel obliged not to part with them.
They seem pretty nice to wear and all was going well until the weight of bags being carried round town built up and up thus making each footstep rather painful. I can't take this out on the boots, more just a wake up call that maybe a granny trolley would be a better idea for weightier shops.
Here's me struggling to wear a bag. It catches on belts/necklaces/long hair/wild sleeves.

I didn't know what to wear underneath so this raspberry long sleeved top was selected with a vest top underneath. The thermal tights as always. I was boiling indoors! Outside was fine with an additional jacket but I hadn't realised how hot it would keep me in the house.
I am trying to be more mindful in what clothes I buy this year. This was a £4 purchase from a charity shop. I haven't bought much this month. Hazel keeps meticulous records and I don't intend to be quite so precise but a rough record will suit me.
Take care,

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