A long trail

Friday, February 01, 2019

I think we've found the one. The long walk we've been hoping to discover. It's not often you are fortunate enough to piece together tracks and paths to connect up a lovely route which predominantly avoids roads and civilisation at large.  This one is around 5 miles and thankfully has adequate parking, no hairy 'points of risk' being fields to cross, no long stretches on roads and very helpfully it's been laid out by presumably the local council as a proper trail route so signposts give clarity as to where to head.
I have to say I loved it and although there was only bleak winter to see, I appreciated the quality walking territory and escape from the noise and hubbub of the rest of the world.

A path between two fields of leeks. This made me very happy. The smell when leeks and onions are harvested is so cuttingly fresh I love it!

This leaf has mystified me. It's like an oak but less leaf and more cut away... Curious.

Who was plucked here? Brown feathers are not from a pigeon so the jury's out.

Above, this fungus reminds me of when you're a kid and skid over with a big graze all down and arm or leg and it turns into a really scabby streak. That's something that thankfully gets left behind when you grow older. Big scbs.

The rosehips are just about still going. I think at this lean time of year birds have to resort to eating things they've saved until last. Maybe hips and sloes. The less select berries and the ones which last until the end.

Made up of footpaths, bridleways, sandy tacks, forest paths and field crossings it held good variety of landscape. This is somewhere I can feel myself drawn back to. Now all we need to do is locate a good pub en-route to stop for a Sunday lunch next time and we'll be away!
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